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Because. Why not? Also, the world is short these days on the shamelessly trashy, pridefully blunt, and rebelliously transgressive. 


Queer liberation isn't harmless smiling pastels. Class battle isn't a light-hearted quip-a-minute adventure. Black & indigenous struggles aren't happy ending suburban inspiration porn. Punk isn't commodified angst funneled in civil boundaries. 

Our pains and frustrations, our very identities, have been sanitized and commercialized. We are encouraged and directed to vent and express in socially acceptable ways. But our experiences and feelings are messy. Our existence is a challenge to the status quo, especially when we don't accommodate and self-censor. 


We're here to get nasty, dirty, filthy, rude! This is a jam for unvarnished takes, absurd obscenity, and blunt refusal to bow down to the repressive idol of middle class mediocrity

This is a place to throw off your chains and shame. Be punk. Be liberationist. Be radical. Unbind your sense of propriety. Unleash your imagination. Be absurd and authentic.

Top Note

This is a jam celebrating liberation and resisting oppressive systems. 

  • Expressive and supportive of punk, queer, and marginalized experiences & ethos. 
  • Unvarnished, uncensored, or radical.
  • In some way express freedom or pride outside the bounds of "appropriate" media & "polite" boundaries.
  • Entries should ideally be under an open license, contributing to our open commons
  • Unafraid to be nasty, grimy, trashy... unbound and uncensored.

Because it needs to be said explicitly these days: THIS IS A PUNK SPACE. 

Punch up. Racism, homophobia, and other bigotry are unwelcome. The kind of nasty and trashy we're talking here is John Waters movies, gutter punk, kinky queer, shady grime club, neglected city kinds of vibes. Not being that kind of human trash. 

What kind of stuff?

The host makes tabletop games and created this jam to encourage more grimy and trashy TTRPGs. But really anything relevant to or useful for tabletop games is appropriate. 

Supplement for running Black liberation revolution scenarios? SRD for horny queer games? Punk and hip-hop songs of outrage and revolt? Setting guide for a world with a rapidly decolonizing Global South? Nasty absurdist one-page games mocking suburbia? Provocative erotic art? 

Bring it all! Anything a RPG designer, player, podcaster, actual play, or anyone else in the tabletop games scene can use that fits the vibe is fair game!

Open Resources


Please suggest additional sleazy, radical, trashy, and liberationist games! Drop a note in the community forum.

  • You Can Be Trash Too! A beer & pretzels one page tabletop roleplaying game about being trash, in the trash cinema sense. Be a John Waters or punk film protagonist, as trashy as you can be.
  • I Must Find Bigfoot And Bang Him. A queer journaling game that is exactly what it sounds like on the label. Track down Bigfoot. Woo him. 
  • DICK PUNCH EVERY SUIT. In a hyper-corporate world, the call for revolution has come. It is time. Time to DICK PUNCH EVERY SUIT!


Here is a random list of media, art, literature, and historical materials that can be used as inspiration for your grimy, trashy, and "unacceptably" prideful submissions. (Listen, these are relatively boring "default" choices. Give us some of those good liberationist and niche genre deep cuts in the community forum, PLEASE. I'll expand the list.)

WARNING: Just covering the bases, though the theme seems obvious --- This list is NSFW, not safe for sensitive sensibilities, or so on. Some of these suggestions are extreme by common standards. It is your choice to explore them.

  • The Greasy Strangler (IMDB, JustWatch). A modern trash cinema classic. Extremely hard to explain, but hilarious to some and revoltingly off-putting to others. 
  • Pink Flamingos (IMDB, Internet Archive). The ultimate classic trash cinema flick by the famous John Waters. 
  • Hardcore Collection (Filmmaker's IMDB, Internet Archive). A classic collection of the No Wave punk films of Richard Kern. 
  • Clive Barker. He brought an openly queer POV to film, art, and literature during the 80s and 90s. A gritty, grimy, nastily unvarnished POV, as much as beautiful and moving. 
  • Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (IMDB). One of the most infamous extreme movies ever made. Highly suggest reading about it before watching it. 
  • Lust for Dracula (IMDB). An iconic "arthouse" style take on the Dracula myth, made by a company and actors most known for zero budget softcore parody films. (Don't miss The Lord of the G-Strings, IMDB.) 
  • Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl (IMDB, JustWatch). Explores transgression in numerous ways, especially a lot of social commentary, in a fun gory disrespectful package.
  • But I'm a Cheerleader (IMDB, JustWatch). Relatively wholesome classic about conversion therapy camps. Unfortunately, timely and somewhat transgressive again. 
  • Another Gay Movie (IMDB, JustWatch). Another classic. Lowbrow, tasteless, and unashamedly gay af. 
  • Chuck Tingle (GoodReads). Chuck Tingle is the living icon of uncensored, unapologetic joy. The world is love, buckaroos. Love that wants you to pound it in the butt as it pounds you in the butt as you both pound life in the butt while the existential ghost of your father's disappointment is forced to watch your happiness.

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