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This is a game jam idea I spent all of 1 minute thinking about then went ahead and created to prove a point. The rules are simple:

  • Your game must use the "trash" tag. This is not an official Itch tag. Add it anyway.
  • Your game must be trash. Interpret this theme as you will.
  • Your game may not be sexist, racist, queerphobic, ableist or otherwise promote hatred of marginalised people. Tasteful trash only please.
  • Use content warnings and avoid putting any NSFW content or common triggers on your product page.

Optional theme: base your game on a fanfiction trope or a romance novel.

Optional but highly encouraged: if your submission is a physical game and especially if it deals with a heavy subject matter, you are encouraged to embed safety tools into the text or product page. See the TTRPG Safety Toolkit for suggestions:

The cover image is a photo by Leonid Danilov, sourced from Pexels.


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A trash game for 2020
A game about turning old books into new poems
You are trash in a river.
A collection of Bad Games™ that Are Good Actually™, Except That They're Not™
"throw your trash in the trash" inception deal