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Neural networks! What can’t they come up with these days? As artificial intelligence creeps its way through the uncanny valley, we find ourselves inching ever-closer to a haunting digital spectre, an increasingly indistinguishable simulacrum of the human psyche.

What better way to celebrate this dawning horror than by using it to make fun games!


  • Go to a neural network or online generator, such as Talk to Transformer!
  • Input a list of games you’ve already made! or if you would rather use something else, consider instead inputting a list of:
    • games you would like to make!
    • game mechanics or rules that you like!
    • stories or media that you enjoy!
    • poetry, song lyrics, or idioms that inspire you!
  • Use that list to generate a new list!
  • Create a new game, based off that new list, and submit it to this jam!

Bonus challenges:

  • Use a neural network to generate game mechanics! Start with the rules, and reverse-engineer the rest of the game to suit it.
  • Use a neural network to generate names of NPCs, locations, lore, or even dialogue within the game!
  • Use an image neural network or generator like artbreeder or inspirobot to create cover art!
  • Make a game that has players use a neural network as a resolution mechanic! 

A few notes:

  • This jam is predominantly intended for physical/analog RPGs, but we invite game makers of all sorts to participate — interactive fiction, twine or bitsy games, and other digital media are welcome submissions as well!
  • This jam is an inclusive space. Racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, and any other forms of prejudice will not be tolerated.
  • Have fun, but take care of yourself and others!
    • Note that neural nets are commonly trained on vast bodies of text, and can spit out just about anything. This means you might see some awful language unexpectedly, and it also means you should double-check your titles to make sure you haven't just been handed the copyrighted name of an existing property.
    • Consider incorporating safety mechanics or other communication tools into your game. We highly recommend reading the Support Tools Compilation or TTRPG Safety Toolkit.
    • Include warnings, both on your game page and in the game, itself if you feel it contains material that could be considered sensitive.

If you’re looking for inspiration, consider checking out this jam’s Community Tab to visit our Bargain Bin Title Library, to peruse game titles that other people aren’t using! Or check out the #TransformedTitles hashtag on twitter to see what games other people are working on.

This jam is co-hosted by Caro (@SeaExcursion), Takuma (@takuma_okada_), Janie (@jjaffew), and Edda(@leakyeaves) — free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns!


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