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(Thanks to @TransComics for the name) 

 We’ve seen the disgusting hatred being spewed from people towards the trans community lately. From washed up writers. Has been authors, The lowest of the low. It hurts. It can take a lot out of us.

But we’re so much stronger than that. Than any of them. 

So, let’s show them how much stronger we are.

Written by trans people, this TTRPG jam is about the trans community. Our strengths. Our power. The fact that we keep moving forward everyday despite what we take and get hit with. It can be about our trials and tribulations. But it’s by US. Not some cis award-bait searcher looking to profit off our pain. Us.

We’re going to make something awesome.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Write a game about the strength and beauty of the trans experience. 
  • You can enter more than one game. Or an old game if it fits the bill.
  • Only trans people can enter. If you aren’t sure of your gender, you’re perfectly valid in entering. We all started somewhere.
  • No racism or truscum shit. Our Black and siblings of colour built this community and are fighting for their rights out there. If you don’t stand with them, you can fuck off from this jam. And our non-binary siblings have always been here. If you don’t recognize them, you can follow the first order.
  • I’m planning to create a bundle of my trans based games for afterwards to benefit the Okra Project. Anyone who wants to add their own is more than welcome.

This jam is run by Maria Fanning AKA @ThatAceGal. Following me is not a requirement but I’ll be retweeting submissions to the jam, alongside their progress reports. So let me know.

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A Solo Journaling game about figuring out what you want
A game about exploring the roles of bodies and how we view them.
A short role playing exploration about people turning into plants.
A game of genderqueer names
Remake yourself in your own image.
A game of creation and compliments