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I've always wanted to participate in more game jams, and now that I've got a bit of a community from my YouTube channel I thought I'd try hosting one myself. This will be split into two categories:

  • 48 hours for people who want to cram it all into one action-packed weekend
  • 1 week for people who can't or don't want to commit more than a few hours per day

Since there's no "winner" and no prizes, this will be on the honor system; just pick which category you're submitting to.

Themes for each category will be randomly selected and announced at the start of the jam via livestream at:


Theme for 48 hour submissions is: Ruins
Theme for 1 week submissions is: You are the bad guy

Thanks, and have fun!

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An experimental language deciphering game (made in 48 hrs)
A 2d adventure and shooter game