Submissions open from 2019-12-14 02:00:00 to 2020-01-02 02:00:00
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On December 13th, 2019, I will release the Toy Box Jam "start cart" for Pico-8.  It will contain:

  • a full sprite sheet of  various and sundry game graphics, including an optional sprite font
  • random sound effects to use
  • a set of music tracks to play
  • some optional support code: sprite font print function, big print function, simple collision, window drawing, and more....


  • You have two weeks to make a game using ONLY THOSE ASSETS.
  • You can rearrange the sprites with RESPRITER if you want (for instance, to use some sprites, font, and map).
  • You cannot CHANGE the sprites, other than colorizing them with PALT. That includes drawing in, POKEing in them, and other techniques.
  • You cannot use sprites, sound effects, and music not in the startcart.
  • You CAN draw sprites changing transparency and color with PALT.
  • You CAN use Pico-8 functions to render the TOY BOX FONT font sprites yourself, changing colors and transparency with PAL and PALT.
  • Feel free to use the built in drawing functions of Pico-8 (LINE, RECTFILL, CIRCFILL, PSET, etc.), but not so much as to avoid the intent of the jam.  Do not make sprites with these, nor store them as string data, nor load them from another cart, or any other tricksy maneuvers -- please try to make magic with the tools and toys given. Otherwise, why not just do a different jam?
  • Yes, you can use all the fun new colors if you want .
  • Please, no political or religious or inflammatory content. This is fun playground that divisive and mean stuff have no place in.  Abusive games will be removed. Let's just have FUN!
  • This is a PG jam. Please do not put adult content in it. There is plenty of other Internet for that, heh.


To be announced at start of the Jam. Most of them will be abstract and interpretable.

Or you can use Game Idea Guru!


Everyone can vote on the submitted entries!  The categories:

  • Most Fun
  • Best Use of Assets
  • Most Novel Idea
  • Best Implementation of an Optional Theme
  • Silliest, Nuttiest Game

What do you win? Nothing!  But I will probably make digital Award Certificates suitable for Social Media Posting. Print and frame it if you want!  I wonder if anyone could win the Pentafecta -- all five  awards! 


Are you here and have no idea what Pico-8 is? It is a "fantasy console". Imagine that someone made an emulator for a console similar to the NES... but it never existed!  You code in Lua (a scripting language that is easy to learn), and ALL THE TOOLS ARE BUILT IN -- code editor, sprite editor, map editor, sound effects editor, and music editor! It makes it really, really easy to make a game! I've made a tiny one in less than an hour!  It costs $15 and is available from here:  Totally worth it for hundreds of hours of enjoyment! CHEAPEST CONSOLE EVER!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I've never made a game before, can I enter?  A: Yes.
Q: I'm not very good at making games, should I enter? A: Yeah, why not?
Q: Can I reuse my own code from prior projects? A: Yes. Just no assets from them.
Q: What time zone determines the start and end dates?  A: Pacific Standard Time (PST, GMT - 8).
Q: Can I join the jam after it has already started?  A: Yes, you can join at any time. You just have to submit a game before the deadline. 
Q: Can I work with a team?  A: Yes.
Q: Can I be a member of more than one team?  A: Yes.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of people that can be on the same team?  A: No.
Q: Can I submit more than one game? A: Yes. Q: What happens if I don't submit my game in time?  A: Your game won't be judged. But by all means, finish your game!
Q: Can I update my game after the end of the jam?  A: Yes but judging will be based on the copy that was submitted by the deadline.

Thanks to LCD Jam for the FAQ Idea and most of the questions!


Pico-Lib Code by That Tom Hall and the Pico-8 Community

Sprite Ideas by That Tom Hall, Lafolie, Liquidream

Art by Lafolie, Toby Hefflin, That Tom Hall

Sound effects by Lafolie, Gruber, That Tom Hall

Music by Gruber

Jam Advice by Matthias Scherba