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We are happy to conclude the Totem Legacy Jam!

The first Totem Legacy Jam took place between June 24-30 and featured five games interconnected through Legacy Events for the first time. 

Jam Concept

Games in the game jam are connected through Legacy Events, allowing player assets to carry consequences between the different games. You can think of those as achievements that any developer can write, and also read to interpret and give them meaning in their own game. This creates persistency, and enables collaboration between the creators!

The jam's theme was "Circular History". 

  • Every team chose one period in history.
  • Each game affects the game following it in a circle.
  • Some games interpret other games as well.  Games from later periods can still affect games from earlier periods!
  • All games are referencing a player avatar that was created specifically for the game jam.
  • Teams were using an open-source Unity plugin that handles all the behind-the-scenes and features a simple-to-use API

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The Games

Protorun - Run furthest and collect meat to unlock special environmental effects in Antiquity
Antiquity - Choose your way to beat the minotaur to unlock different game modes in The Renaissance
The Renaissance - Be fast and accurate to become more efficient in Industry, Baby! and unlock the Camouflage ability in Protorun
Industry, Baby! - Please the manager to gain extra energy in Tempus! Punch Your Way Out! and unlock the Stomp ability in Protorun
Tempus! Punch Your Way Out! - Beat the game to unlock the Jetpack ability in Protorun


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An endless runner set in the Prehistoric period
A horrifying game about working on a factory line
Punch your way through obstacles in this running platformer!
Game Jam Game build under the Totem Game Jam
Aim Trainning or something like that :)