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  • Starts now and ends at the end of the month (Feb1)
  • It's a casual do anything jam for all your turtle, snake, and frog needs
  • We accept all everything. We don't accept not accepting.
  • The game can be as small as you like. It can just be art too.
  • Need some ideas? You can go by some of these if you want:
    • Mood themes:
      • Calmness, Zen
      • Slow, methodical
      • Quiet, solitude
      • Carefree, happy-go-lucky
    •   Colour themes:
      • Turtle shell green
      • Pond blue
      • Log brown
    • Pattern themes:
      • Tortoise shell pattern
      • Oval pond
      • Reed thatch
      • Animal icons/symbols
    • Unique twist:
      • a small little dance occurs
      • chorus of chirping
      • pretzels
      • Song: Pollyanna(I believe in you) [Catherine Warwick]. From the game Mother/Earthbound
  • Also welcome are cats and bunnies which may visit as they please.
  • There's just no stopping crabs, so, I don't even need to mention their possible inclusion/invasion.


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a little pond
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Enter a tiny world of Axls, Torts, Forgs, and Sneks!
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