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Ever wanted to make a game specifically for legendary skateboarder, video game developer, and twitter personality Tony Hawk? Now's your chance.

Before the end of the month, create a game meant to be played by Tony Hawk. (Not about him, inspired by him, or dedicated to him--for him.) Games can be of any length or style, digital or analog. Please submit new games, not just already existing games that Tony Hawk might like.

Send any questions to John R. Harness (@cartweel). This game jam has not been endorsed or sponsored by Tony Hawk.

Mr. Hawk, if you're reading this -- I hope you enjoy these games made just for you.

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a hack of Four Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire (Who Is Also One of the Aforementioned Sherlock Holmes)
A good day for a skater twink.
Interactive Fiction
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A horror story for Tony Hawk.
Skating Puzzle Game
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A solo competitive game about being Tony Hawk, for Tony Hawk
Dress-Up & Maker Games for Tony Hawk
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​A LARP for Tony to play when he's at the airport or anywhere people might not recognize him as Tony Hawk.
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