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Create a tiny metroidvania-style game within 24 hours and let your creative ideas flow! The gist of the jam is to get an excuse to create a metroidvania, that is either cool as-is, or might be worth something bigger!

Metroidvania as a genre usually consists of one or more of the following traits:
- Powerups and unlocks (such as health, gun, jump height or even a new movement mechanic)
- Backtracking and multi-purpose levels (something new opens up in something old)
- One/multiple large(r) distinct areas (a feeling of progression)

And more, but don't feel limited to the classic idea of a metroidvania. Maybe there's more to be found here!

The jam runs every saturday 19:00 (7 PM) GMT+1, and you can join freely if you feel like it.

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Foxes, ghosties, and bugs.
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Super Incomplete Bird Metroidvania