This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-06-04 07:00:00 to 2021-06-18 07:00:00. View results

Tiny Library is a deck of business card RPGs going to print with Long Tail Games in 2021. 

This is a jam to  collect submissions. If you've made - or want to make - a business card RPG, this is the place for you!  

Anything goes, friends. There are no rules in the jungle of game design! However, there are terms...  


  • Your game must fit on a single 2.25 x 3.5 inch card, or be modifiable to fit 
  • You must agree to the licensing terms (in the submission details) if you would like to be included in the final product
  • Each selected submission will earn the creator 1 free prototype copy of Tiny Library and 1% of profits generated
  • Multiple submissions are accepted and encouraged
  • Not all submissions will be selected 

This is my first jam so please get in touch if anything is missing or you need more information! 


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A real-life/journaling roleplaying experience. Enchant the ordinary objects around you and unleash your potential!
A storytelling microgame of adventure, nostalgia and dubiously reliable narrators.
A minimalist business card sci-fi RPG
RPG Farming Mini-Game
A one page game about discovering constellations.
An adventure game about the tiniest wizard
A #pleasurecardrpg quest with a little friend
A system agnostic RPG item in a business card. Flip the coin and watch providence unfold.
A solo journaling rpg about perception.
can you climb the water spout?
A business card sized character creation game
Roll a die and act out the wild effect of your drink!
how The Sound Of Music should have really gone
A business card sized game about the "retirement" of a character.
Design and fill a pocket-sized room!
Keep law and order until a new sheriff arrives!
1 hex, a few dungeons and a flying river
a business card sized rpg about birds and omens
Tactical Combat Checklist
A crime scene in your pocket.
A business card sized game about Vikings on a raid
Lady Bug is a business card RPG of facing down an ancient enemy in the name of the Queen...
A solo-hexcrawl where you try and survive as a group of shipwrecked whalers. Based on historical events.
Pequeño juego de escritura e intercambio de haikus
An RPG of transient conversation between 2 wayward adventurers
The night is quiet and you are not alone
Succeeding is one thing, how you feel about it is what lasts. A tiny hack for any rpg with a check or save.
A business card rpg about a bear war.
A Meta RPG of Interference
A rules-light RPG that fits on 3 business cards, inspired by They Live and WandaVision. For 1 or more players.
A micro-RPG using business cards to generate characters.
A Business Card RPG
the dragon dies when its hearts are broken by your dice
Your daily gratitude. Play a solo game or with a group. Great for family night dinners
It’s the giant robot sports final, and you're playing your greatest rivals. There is one rule: No rules
A tiny alternate reality game about watching for signs.
a gmless micro rpg about how we connect to the things in our lives
ttrpg resolution rule using 2 decks of cards. Ideal for light weight ttrpg, fkr et similia
A small business card size game about trying to reconnect with your alter-personality stuck inside the mainframe
A tiny role-playing game for 3-6 conniving critters
A “Lasers and Feelings” style RPG about a witch coven battling alien invaders
A heist has gone bad, and everyone's pointing fingerguns at each other.
Business-Card RPG Cartoon Hijinks!
A fun user experience for the whole family, just grab the family and all play.
Pass some kindness along
Pocket-sized, light rules for characters & dangerous action
The business card fast casual fantasy brunch line cook RPG
You are cordially invited to SAVE THE WORLD FROM DESTRUCTION followed by a light afternoon tea with your family
Role Playing
A simple mindfulness game using your senses
A GM-less story game about Medusa's final day
A 2 to 5 player business card RPG about trying to stop the apocalypse, Powered by the Apocalypse.
“You must not be in the race! To win, they’ll stop at nothing!”
A business card world-building RPG for one Scribe and any number of Visiting Players.
A moveable fairy house that allows entry into the human world.
A business card LARP in which you create Spells from business cards, then use them to shout at other players.
Role Playing
Make daily connections to those things of which you are most fond.
A competitive MicroRPG for 2 or more creative tech hipsters.
A system-agnostic business card nano-setting and world-building tool.
Card Game
A solo storytelling game about reminiscence
A pocket experience you can play anywhere at any time.
Business-card sized RPGs for playing in long lines
A Hella Radical Business Card-Sized Skatebirding TTRPG!
you are a tree. it is autumn. dream about the year that has gone.
A pocket stargazing experience that lingers
Make a map, explore it, tell me about it, and find Home.
Your only option to win the war!
This is how to be a dad in 2 simple steps
1 hex, a few subhexes and a flying saucer
A business card sized game about professionalism
Interactive pocket experience
A rules-lite Western experience
A Solarpunk Solo RPG
Interactive Fiction
Corporate drudgery and/or high-concept cyberpunk
A Business Card RPG
Role Playing
A card to recontextualise a place.