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Welcome! This is a jam for making micro TTRPGs or print-and-play games about keepsakes!


There are two parts to the theme for this jam:

  1.  It should be a micro game. While there is no strict definition for what a micro game is, they are typically small in size and complexity. The rules for the game are often no longer than a page. Some example micro game formats are: business card, index card, 200 words, 1 word game, single page,  etc. If you think your game is a micro game, it is.
  2. It should incorporate the theme of "keepsakes" somehow. Your game could be about keepsakes, formatted to look like a keepsake, or be turned into a keepsake! Feel free to interpret this theme however you wish and get creative!


All entries must follow these rules:

  1. All entries must be a  physical game. Your game can be a TTRPG or a print-and-play game. If you think your game is a game, then it is a game. This jam is not for video games, though.
  2. Incorporate both parts of the theme described above. 
  3. Anything you submit must be created by you. Keep in mind copyright rules and ensure you give proper attributions as necessary.
  4. Have ZERO bigotry and hatred. No homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc will be tolerated.
  5. Please use content warnings in your submission if your game contains any sensitive content. 

Things you can do for this jam:

  1. Submit as many games as you wish.
  2. Feel free to collaborate with others or work alone. Make sure everyone is properly credited for their contribution, though!
  3. It is highly encouraged that your submission is a new creation that was made for this jam during the jamming period.
  4. Your submissions can be set as paid or PWYW. Personally, I like to set most of my games as paid with community copies available.

This is not a ranked jam. If you create something for this jam, congrats! You win!

Examples and Resources

Here's some examples of micro games and games that incorporate the keepsake theme:

  1. A Mending by Shing Yin Khor is a great example of keepsake game
  2. Everyday Enchanter by Beth and Angel is a very cool game that has a business card version
  3. Hamlet by W.H. Arthur is a 1-letter (!) rpg
  4. Urban Legend Club by onemore potato chip is an awesome one-page rpg
  5. Feel free to check out the games on my profile. I think nearly every game I've published so far on itch could be considered a micro game.

Here is a video that shares more about keepsake games: Memorable Artifacts: The Co-Production of Unique Materiality Via Game Rules

Here is an article that discusses more about keepsake games: Jeeyon Shim’s “Keepsake Games” Combine Crafting and Storytelling

Thank you to Lucky Newt Games for the tips on setting up a jam. The layout of this jam description is based on their jams as well.

Feel free to join the Junk Food Games Discord to discuss the jam with other folks participating!

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a one-page zine that is also a weird western TTRPG system
A micro game of remembering dead royalty.
A duet RPG about weaving a timeline of memories from a dying person.
the forest is full of many things
Role Playing
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A micro cartography game by Jared Mason