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Tinderbox PlayAway Games Festival

Looking to the games sector for inspiration in an online world

Online two-week festival featuring over 30 game designers, artists, composers, researchers, educators and others involved in games with a series of panels, talks, workshops, and other live events.

Tinderbox PlayAway Games Festival: Bitsy One-Day Game Jam!

Tue 2 Mar 2021

09:00 - 18:00 (GMT)

Games submission deadline: 18:00

We're inviting everyone around the world to join us in getting creative with game design using Bitsy!

Throughout the day we're also holding a game jam, and invite you to join us and share the Bitsy games you make!

We'll announce a theme in the morning, and will end the jam with a livestream play-through with Twitch streamer Zoë Sams, who will take a look at all of the games submitted at 19:00 (GMT).

Join our Twitch channel to tune in!

We can't wait to see what you make!


09:00 - Jam starts! Sign up on

09:30-12:30 - Bitsy Workshop - see more & signup below!

18:00 - Deadline to submit games on

19:00-20:00 - Livestream with Zoë Sams (Twitch)

Intro to Bitsy Workshop at PlayAway Games Festival

At 09:30 (GMT) we are also holding a workshop with game designer Claire Morwood - if you're new to game-making or Bitsy, then this is the place for you! 

Please register for this workshop if you wish to attend as spaces are limited.

About Tinderbox PlayAway Games Festival

Over 2 weeks from Monday 22nd Feb – Friday 5th March, we will be celebrating and supporting the creativity, diversity, innovation, and imagination of games design, interactive media and play.  Over 30 game designers, artists, composers, educators and others involved in games will be getting together through a series of panel discussions, workshops, demos, music performances, digital play sessions, and game jams – and we’d love you to join us too! 

At a time when so many people across the world are moving on-line due to the pandemic, we wanted to turn to the Games industry for inspiration – to ask how games are adapting and responding to the pandemic, and to explore what role they could play looking ahead.

Check out our website to find out more about the festival.

About Bitsy

Bitsy is a free-to-use online/browser-based game-making tool created by Adam Le Doux, that allows you to make small games & interactive pieces without programming. You don't need to download anything to run Bitsy - go here to start making your own game:


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A tiny bitsy game made for the Tinderbox one-day Bitsy jam
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Made for the Bitsy One Day Jam
Interactive Fiction
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A short bitsy game for Playaway Festival's Bitsy Workshop
Interactive Fiction
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press space to start. sorry its unfinished if you get confused!
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Made by the young game designers of the Ruined Project (with Claire Morwood x National Galleries x Tinderbox Collective)
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The story of Cheems in a dystopian cyberpunk society
Visual Novel
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A little game made with Bitsy for the Bitsy One-Day Jam !
Visual Novel
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