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You’re just in time! We’ve got the gears turning for the GADEC, Games Den, and GCS Game Jam from Nov 8 to Nov 10. Set your clocks because this event starts at 5 pm on Friday and ends at 5 pm on Sunday. Take your time and stroll your way on down to rooms 8-207, 8-211, and 8-218 at MacEwan University. Admission is $5 for this 48-hr event.

When the clock strikes five and it’s time to jam, don’t hesitate to invite some friends to lend a hand, or two.

As per regulation, doors close at 8 pm each night, so if you leave the building you’ll be barred reentry, and there’s no going back in time. All alcohol and drugs are not permitted on the premises. If you bring these substances, your time will be up.  

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Timey and Timey's soul
Drop item. Get chicken.
Game about getting stuff out of it's mouth
Clockwork game for time to jam.
Visual Novel