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Welcome to the Jungle

What is TigerJ(am)?

If you have not met me before, I host Get Played on twitch and I also am a HUGE fan of game jams! I try to stream a lot of jams and entries from various sources. I have decided every year for my birthday I will host a special jam themed around my age. This year is 35! Your game will be played on my stream at twitch (follow for updates and notifications. Also follow or DM me on twitter(@stalkjimmy) if you have any specific questions that cannot be answered in our discord server:

  1. Teams up to 5 people! pro tip: you can start/join a team here:
  2. You can use assets but MUST list them if they are not your own
  3. Original games only, no past projects or premades
  4. All entries will be streamed on my twitch account, more content creators can be added to the list just message me on twitter (
  5. hangout in if you want
  6. games must be free to play until voting ends
  • top 3 will get special roles in discord!
  • top 3 will get gift subs to my stream! (cool tiger emoticons on twitch!)
  • top 3 will receive a real physical trophy! (shipping might be challenging I will do my best!) trophy pictures to come!