This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-10-10 16:00:00 to 2019-10-14 05:00:00. View results

  1. Each team must deliver a playable game for a Window's machine. Also required is a game design document detailing how to install and play your game and the credits for the game (at the very least - you can spice it up and have fun with it too if you want to). Also submit a logo for your game.
  1. No more than three members per team.
  2. Premade assets are allowed as long as you have gotten permission from their creator.
  3. You can use any game engine, programming environment, or editor. The only requirement is that your game must be able to be played and judged on a Window's machine.
  4. Post-Jam changes are not allowed! Feel free to update and change your game on your own, but only the latest version (or whichever version you indicate) available at the cutoff will be judged.
  5. You must be an Auburn student to participate in this jam! All non-auburn students' submissions will be played and loved, but not judged!

All games will be judged on the following criteria by our panel of four judges:

Gameplay x/20

Is the game fun and engaging?

Creativity x/20

Is the game innovative, novel, or unique?

Design x/20

Does the game show expertise in system, level, or narrative design?

Theme x/20

Does the game fit well with the given theme?

Cohesion x/20

Do the art, sound effects, music, and gameplay all work together to provide a cohesive experience?

Total: x/10

Each member of the winning team will receive their choice of the following:

 $20 Steam Gift Card 

$20 Xbox/PSN/Nintendo Gift Card

 $20 iTunes Gift Card

The winning team can also design or pick their own discord emoji to be added to our discord.

This jam's theme is SWITCH! What does that mean? It means anything that has to do with the word switch, obviously. It could be a really long stick, it could be a lever that changes things, it could be Nintendo's newest console. Whatever it is, make sure your game revolves around SWITCH!


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A timing-heavy precision platformer!
Click. To. Swap.
Naut finds a switch in the woods and uses it to fight baddies and get around! Requires Xbox or Gamecube Controller!