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Welcome to TigerDev's Fall 2017 Game Jam! You will have from Friday at around 6:30 PM until Sunday at 11:59 PM to work on games based on the theme, which will be announced at a presentation on Friday at 5:30 PM and posted here shortly after.

Submissions should be made through; you should upload your game's executable as well as any additional required files. We would also like for you to include a document with a brief write-up (1-2 paragraphs) describing in your own words how your game fits the theme.

Games will be judged by the following criteria: Implementation, Adherence to Theme, Aesthetics, and Design. These category scores will be compiled into an overall score for each game.

The judges for the game jam will be:

  • Jeromy Swann (President, TigerDev)
  • Elijah Holt (Secretary, TigerDev)
  • Ethan Simmons (Treasurer, TigerDev)
  • Jack Riales (President, South Alabama VGDC)
  • (And potentially more!)

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Top-down arcane shooter using an array of spells based around two buttons.
doom style first person shooter