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Welcome to Unity vs Unreal vs Godot: The Threeway Battle (Season 3).

What's this game jam about?

Create a game in any one of these three game engines in 7 days. The game can be anything from FPS and RPG to simple runner or platformer. The main thing is 'BE CREATIVE'.



Join the official Discord server. Have fun meeting cool game-developers and artists there!

You can also find a teammate there if you're looking for one.

Follow jam page on Twitter.


  • Anyone regardless of experience is welcome to participate!
  • Work solo or in a team. A team can have any number of members, but I highly suggest you to keep it below 4.
  • Don't use other game engines.
  • You can use publicly available assets, but do mention this when submitting your game. Be sure to double check on the permissions from the respective owners.


After the submission period, you'll be able to rate entries based on following topics:

  • Overall
  • Graphics/Visuals
  • Theme
  • Game Innovation
  • Fun 
  • Audio

Don't forget to leave feedback on the games you play! That's the best way to help the game-dev community.


What platform should I create my game for? You can create your game for as many platforms as you can. Just make sure, it at least plays on Windows or plays in the browser. Additionally, you can add builds for Mac and Linux. Also, you can build for Android and IOS.

Can I use openly available assets?  Yes, but I do not take responsibility for any unauthorized use and any consequences that may result from its use.

Can I use other game engines? No, you absolutely cannot.

*Theme will be announced when the jam starts.*

Check out entries from Season 1 and Season 2.

Have a good time. ENJOY!

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A stealth-Escape game
A platformer without time to think.