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There are a lot of great games that are best as short experiences, but many Gamers™ equate the worth of a game to how many dollars they spend per hour of gameplay.

So let's punish them.

This game jam is about making a game that is just too long. A thing that would be good as a bite-sized experience, but takes much longer to play than it has any right to because that's what people say they want to buy.

How you want to extend the gameplay time is up to you! Maybe the Experience/Gold system is incredibly grindy? Maybe some time-wasting QTEs? Some extremely annoying maps?

The only rule is that whatever you make, you have to put up for a price. Bonus points if you put it on other storefronts because more people deserve this punishment.


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Have you ever wanted to type out the entire of Ulysses? No? Me neither.
A terrible time consuming dehumanizing experience
a post-postmodernist modernist masterpiece
A simple stocks trading game in python
A game about cryptocurrencies.
Try your hand at the 24 hours of Le Mans! No saving until it’s over!
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