This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-05-01 18:00:00 to 2020-05-31 18:00:00.

NOTE: Themes+ is served best with other jams. It is not a dish on its own, though it could theoretically be eaten on its own (kinda like actual jam).

What's this?

Are you stuck on a creative block? Do you have too many game ideas for a game jam? Maybe you just want a bigger challenge.

Whatever the case, just join the Themes+ Jam!

This jam is designed for you to make a game simultaneously for this and another jam. Be it the Ludum Dare, GM48, Alakajam, GamesPlus Jam, Mini Jam, whatever. Just use at least one of the themes or challenges from this page and you're ready to go! You can then submit the game for both jams.

If you want an even bigger challenge, try using every theme and challenge on this page, or even submit for other jams! (It's what I did, and the most extreme example is FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja, which was made for 8 jams at once!)

Join the next Themes+ Jam here!

Any rules?

Just a few:

  • The game must have been created while the jam lasts.
  • Only use stuff you have made or otherwise own.
  • If you make NSFW stuff, specify it in the 'Metadata' section of the project.

Okay, so what are the themes?

Main Theme: 1984

Secondary Theme: Achievements

Tertiary Theme: Ocean

General challenge: Make an 'invisible' tutorial

Try-something-new challenge: Use a new game engine

Design Challenge: Give every action two or more purposes

Art Challenge: All art must be made from real-life photographs

Audio Challenge: Create all sounds from one base sound

Extreme Challenge: Make a 4D game

Remember, you don't have to use all of the themes! You can use some, you can only use the Main Theme. It's up to you!