Submissions open from 2019-12-31 05:00:00 to 2020-01-31 05:00:00
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THEME: The Grim Reaper

OPTIONAL THEME: Medical Issues

Hello Everyone! This is the first ever Ultimate Game Jam! The theme will be revealed once the game jam starts, and so will the excess theme, an optional theme to follow and awards extra points, but you don't have to include it. Its OPTIONAL!  Join the discord server to get help, ask questions, and most importantly, acquire the best team out there! Also, winner recieves the WINNER rank on the discord, and so do 2nd and 3rd place, though they get the 2nd place role and the 3rd place role depending on if they won 2nd or 3rd place. Problem is, Game jams aren't kept awesome without the good people kept safe by RULES. Here they are:

1. Be kind and respectful. Everyone in this jam is just as cool and makes just as epic games as everyone else. Forget the part about the games. The best will be rewarded, and you should praise them, not bring them down. Disrespectful and unkind people will not only be banned from the discord server, but also from the jam. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

2. If someone made a game that maybe wasn't so good, comment on it. But don't say"This game was horrible and sucks and stuff", because that isn't helpful, and doesn't make the person's game dev life any better. So say something actually useful and help them. "Maybe the art could have been better?" is more helpful than just saying someone's game sucks and is trashy.

3. No NSFW on the server or in comments. Findings of this will result in ban from the discord server, reporting of your account to discord, and bannings from the game jam itself. NO NSFW ON THE DISCORD SERVER OR IN COMMENTS.

4. Please use only art, sounds, and code made within the game jam time limit. There is a limit for a reason, to restrict you on what you can and cannot do. If Voters find something they think is copied and pasted from another project, they automatically lose.

5. Any game making engine or software is allowed. Sprite making websites are allowed too.

6. Have Fun! That's what this game jam is all about. So join this jam, and make the best game possible. Link to server on the bottom. Hopefully this works!