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The Climate Jam

The Climate Jam is a protest jam. It protest President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.

The game development community is vary aware that Climate Change is a serious issue, and that this is NOT the time to be advancing backwards. We need to be promoting sustainable and clean energy.

This is not a substitute to going to marches or rallies to protest, or especially a substitute for voting, but it is our own little way of making our voices heard in the game dev community.


  • Climate
  • The Elements (fire, water, earth, air)
  • Earth
  • Slow Change

You can base your game on any 4 of these themes, or all of them if you want. You can interpret them however you like as well. 

Aside from that, there are no restrictions. Use any Game Engine, Code Base, Premade Assets you want, As long as you own them or have permission to use them.


There will be a period of voting after the jam. As of now there are no prizes for winning, but I would like to get the developers of the top games together and get those games placed in a package that will be sold on, so we can raise money for organizations fighting climate change and have a real, monetary impact. 


If you have any questions you contact me (Tristan Shatley) on my Twitter -

I will also be tweeting out gifs of the games from the jam periodically for fun.

Remember, all we have is This Pale Blue Dot, Let's take care of it!