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Welcome to the Theana Game Jam - WeeklyJam #4!



Join us for our fourth edition of this weekly game jam where you can let your imagination run wild and create awesome games. We'll announce the theme at the start*, giving you the perfect inspiration to kick off your game development adventure!

During the jam, participants will have the chance to showcase their games and get ratings from fellow jammers. We'll be looking at how well you've used the theme, how enjoyable your game is, the uniqueness of your concept, and the overall presentation. It's all about having fun and supporting each other's creations!

Now, let's keep it chill and cool: no NSFW, political, graphic, or hate content allowed.

Feel free to submit multiple games, but we recommend focusing on one to truly shine. It is however not allowed for you to publish a game that you have created outside of the jam. 

You can use assets and pieces of code from other projects as long as you own the rights to them (or credit the authors depending on the licences). If we discover you stole any assets, you'll be automatically disqualified. Please upload your game with at least a WebGL browser-playable version to allow for everyone to play your game. Submissions that can't be played in the browser will be disqualified. 

Get ready for an exciting week of game development. Remember, this is just the beginning! The Theana Game Jam - WeeklyJam happens every two weeks, so you'll have more opportunities to join the fun and showcase your talent.

Embrace the theme, let your creativity soar, and create games that'll leave everyone amazed. We can't wait to see what you come up with for this Theana Game Jam - WeeklyJam #4!


* You want to propose some theme ideas? Go on the Theana Discord server and send your suggestions. We'll randomly pick one with a C# Theana-made program at the start of each jam!

Discord - Twitter - Theana Website


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This is the story of poor Ranger Sam, who is forever stuck in a time loop in all dimensions.
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Protect the cube through various loops
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