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Hi! I've been playing a lot of Wordle, lately. Or, not a lot, really, because games take like 5 minutes and you can only play once per day, but I've been talking about and thinking about it with people often for the past week.

Being me, it got me thinking about how it might be used as a gameplay element in other, new games, particularly weird tabletop games, which is my usual design neighborhood. I thought it might be nice, while Wordle is in the zeitgeist and the iron is hot, to make some of those games with folks. I wrote a longform version of my thoughts on the affordances of what I'm calling Wordle mosaics (those grids of emoji you see everywhere), if that's useful. You're welcome to {use, adapt, change, discard, add to, subtract from, et cetera} that guide as you like.

Otherwise, make stuff! Have fun! There is a twitter hashtag that I'll keep an eye on, but that's the gist is: make a thing. Make multiple things! It's a gamejam, but you have my personal endorsement to make whatever the fuck you want, whether you call it a game or not. Make poetry out of Wordle words, I dunno.


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Your witchy dream cottage awaits... if you can learn the magic word!
You are a wizard, using wordle to cast arcane rituals and solve peoples problems.
A solo journaling game about finding cool loot, but with wordle.
Corral the herd of Wordle results and fit as many green and yellow cubes into your fields as you can!
Imagine somewhere new, every day
A one-page Lost & Found hack of Wordle
A solo penguin adventure powered by Wordle
A daily personal prophecy, inspired by wordle
A wordle clone for album covers. Guess the album title while revealing as few parts of the cover as possible.
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