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Have you ever looked back on an older jam project, wondering how much you could improve it if you were to recreate it?

Have you ever started a jam with a great concept, only for the finished project to turn out disappointing?

Or are you simply looking for an excuse to revisit old ideas?

If any of these case, this is the jam for you!

In the 2.0 jam, you will recreate and improve an old project in 72 hours!

Each contestant must provide a link to their game, and a link to the game they are recreating. You should also provide the limitations of the original jam (if any), although this is not mandatory.

You are free to use any assets you have the rights to, although we encourage you all to challenge yourselves. Jams are a great opportunity to learn new skills!

Teams can be of any size. If you're looking for a team, come visit our discord server!


After the jam is completed, each game will be rated in three categories:

OVERALL: How would you rate the game all in all? Impressed by the idea? Enjoyed the game? Liked the presentation?

IMPROVEMENT: How much has the game improved since its last submission? 

ENJOYMENT: How much did you enjoy the game?  Was it fun to control, funny, well balanced? Was it satisfying, interesting?

PRESENTATION: How did the game look and sound? Was it beautiful, atmospheric, cohesive? Did you enjoy the soundtrack? Did the sound effects fit the game, and were they well made?

Hope you participate!


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