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Welcome to the SRD JAM!

This is a jam for creating SRDs or hackable TTRPGs. It can use any mechanics you like and can be priced in any way you like. You are free to work solo or in a team. It can be anything from a plain text document to a fully published print because we don't discriminate. No theme. No limitation. There will be no ratings and no judging because everyone is equal here. Well that's pretty much it so get ready to design!

It is helpful to submit SRDs you have already made but making new ones is very much appreciated.

Look at these for inspiration:

  • LUMEN SRD by Spencer Campbell
  • Wretched and Alone SRD by Sealed Library
  • Lasers and Feelings by John Harper
  • Fate Core SRD by Evil Hat Productions
  • Seventh Heaven SRD by casarenau
  • Carta SRD by Peach Garden Games
  • Harmony Drive by Peach Garden Games
  • Guide to Building a System Reference Document by hexavexagon
  • Tapestry SRD by Matthew Gravelyn
  • Green Dawn Mall SRD by Côme Martin
  • The Rose System SRD by yuu
  • Striders SRD by Gearoong
  • Guided by the Sun SRD by W.H. Arthur
  • Lay on Hands SRD by Alfred Valley
  • PINKHACK SRD by Monkey's Paw Games
  • Ruled by Night SRD by Sinister Beard Games
  • BFB SRD by Tyler Crumrine
  • Soft Horizon SRD by vsca
  • Scarred by Quietus SRD by Sinister Beard Games
  • The Gold Hack SRD by Rúnica Games
  • Muckraker System SRD by Martian Muckraker
  • Levy 2d6 SRD by Sad Fishe Games
  • DELVE SRD by BlackwellWriter
  • Second Guess System SRD by Gamenomicon
  • VEN6 System Reference Document (SRD) by Live Real Productions
  • 24XX by Jason Tocci
  • The Caltrop Core by titanomachyRPG
  • CHLORONE by Corvyn Appleby


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An SRD to make action packed RPGs with forward momentum.
A System Reference Document for Lay On Hands
A System Reference Document dedicated for hackers and game designers, in order to create game by Following the LEADS.
A setting agnostic Cooperative Storytelling Game + SRD
An RPG where the players create characters in secret, without knowing the setting.
A solo-rpg system, used in games like the Van Witch, Moon Soup, and the Sun Fleet
Little systems for TTRPG designers
Create detailed branched random event generators and games that use a single roll.
A retro, Day-Glo, Nitro, freak-show, rainbow system - grab fistfuls of dice and gamble for epic FX!
Modern Pulp Adventure RPG Engine
A 3d6 TTRPG system that includes templates and logo.
A pocket-sized "No Dice, No Masters" roleplaying game system.
A Grim Hack of Perilous Games
Free SRD of the RPG Green Dawn Mall / SRD gratuit du JdR Green Dawn Mall
How To Make A Bad Time Game!
A full SRD based on the 13th Age SRD!
Elegantly crude core rule system based on FKR design. Use any dice or cards for this one.
Solo micro-wargame rules
A solo journal writing game
Cults and Beasts RPG
A Universal System for Miniature Wargaming
An asset to make your own hacks / Un recurso para hacer tus propios hacks
Tech for hidden stats
Create games, supplements or content for Storyteller, the Campfire Narrative Game
Free SRD of the RPG Two Summers / DRS gratuit du JdR Deux Étés
Solo TTRPG where you dive into the virtual reality of a console cowboy.
Superheroes Rise!
Streamlined, OSR compatible TTRPG system
An easy, adaptable card-based ttrpg mechanic
A twist on an old classic
Quickstart Guide & System Reference Document for the Backwater: Southern Gothic Horror TTRPG
A simple singleplayer & coop roll-playing game with dice and cards
The genre-neutral role-playing game of heroic problem solving.
Cyberpunk Gaming in the Modern World
An SRD for games of risk and survival like No Nut November
A shared universe and fast play system to ttrpg & journaling 🌠
A Competitive Expansion to Descended from the Queen
extravagantly chivalrous
Resources and guidance for creating games based on Tapestry.
VEN6 is a roleplaying system designed to create narrative storytelling games with conflict mechanics and a GM option.
SRD for "Zero to Hero"-type games.
Lasers & Feelings Based on the Five Powers
Real Culture For Appropriation!
Survival. Horror. Investigation. Versatility. A Rules-Lite D20 System Reference Document