This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-05-01 22:00:00 to 2021-05-14 22:00:00. View results

The Tool Jam has started !

The jam is over !

Please take the time to test the tools, give feedback, and rate them! (Anyone can vote. You don't have to have joined the Jam!)

The winner is L.I.N.K a free form note taking system. Here is the LINK JAM ! hope to see you there !  Congratulations and thank you to all the participants there were really great tools ! Check them out if you haven't already done so !

This Jam is about creating a tool.

It can be a drawing tool, an animation tool, a music tool, a writing tool, a character generator, an idea generator, a game engine, a new programming language, an mp3 to jpeg file converter, a spelling mistake generator, an MS Paint clone, or anything else.

  • Low-effort buggy tools that you develop in 30 minutes are welcome.
  • Ultra classy, customizable and full of features tools are welcome.

(NB: rules and guidelines may still change, so check back when the Jam starts.)


  • Your entry must be a tool.
  • You can start working on the project before the jam starts or finalize an old project for the jam.
  • But you can't submit a project that was already published on before the jam.

Apart from that pretty much everything is allowed: anyone can enter, working in a team is allowed, submitting multiple entries or submitting an entry to other jams is allowed, using pre-existing assets or code, working with any game engine/language/tool, it's all ok.

Optional but appreciated

  • Your tool is available on multiple platforms to reach as many people as possible. (Web/Linux/Win/Mac...)
  • It is free and open source. (share your code)
  • It can be used in a video game development process.

Totally optional theme

The theme is : This tool is alive.


You can for example think of a tool that talks, feels emotions or acts like a living person. Don't forget: this theme is totally optional, you can take it literally, interpret it as you want or not use it at all.


Tools will be rated by anyone based on three criteria:

  • How nice or fun it is to use.
  • How much I could potentially use it in the future.
  • How innovative or original it is.

The winner

Another Jam will be hosted in the future with the constraint of having to use the tool that will have won this Jam. (Of course, this is only if the winner agrees, otherwise we take the second etc.)



If you have questions, please use the community section.


Here is the discord server !! (maintained by Arindam Trivedi)


1-Bit Icons (I and II) by VECTORPIXELSTAR.
Font Mister Pixel by Christophe Badani (VTF).
The EN4 Palette by ENDESGA.
Photographs of tools by Marcelo.


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Browser playable (19)
Windows (27)
macOS (13)
Linux (15)
Android (4)

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smol desktop friend
tool for creating ordered dither threshold textures
Run in browser
Generate a gazillion goblins!
Run in browser
Let's make your own visual novel game with Luna! Luna is a visual novel engine, developed by Cyberus Studio.
A tool for building static blogs!
A concrete poetry tool for gathering thoughts
Run in browser
Notes on an endless landscape
The cure for Writer's Block!
Run in browser
An Adventure game engine for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
A small and lightweight game engine that will evolve game making.
Here's a living AI who will help you generate a game idea for game jams
Run in browser
Image Map Game Maker
Run in browser
Edit a Manga girl parameters and make some animations
Run in browser
All inclusive Twitch chat bot, features polling, giveaway system, quotes, and soundboard.
Create and generate a character's monologue in a super fun way
mondrian-style drawing tool
Run in browser
A tiny VR game engine
Run in browser
Custom toolbar with ability do add new toolbars and reorganize it
simple time tracking
Utility for running builds sequence & pushing them to markets( included) & keeping changelog
online maze generator
Run in browser
Generate texture-mapped meshes by extruding heightmap images.
Automatic, understandable mod support for every game (in Godot, at least)
A simple, open source level editor
Your simple notepad! 🗒️
Run in browser
Template for Unity games with main menu, custom editors and handful scripts
Run in browser
This is a Tool for GMs to keep track of their campaing!
Small tool for creating modular ships
Run in browser
A simple and free voice modder & soundboard
A Text Box for your Desktop.
Run in browser
Turn Sprites to Spritesheet
IDK Some ideas are impossible >:)
A tool for generating histories for dynasties.
Everything is a PNG if you're brave enough
Run in browser
Simple, Minimal, Easy-to-use Game Launcher!
Run in browser
A pixel art for you to use on the web and create amazing creations with!
Bulk stitch images together
Copy multiple text at once.
a pixel art tool with a color picker and a tile editor
Preview your pixel animations
Bookmarks but better!
Run in browser
Screenshot utility for Unity runtime & editor
Run in browser
Play in browser