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Instructions are fairly simple.: Create a text based adventure game!  There aren't too many restrictions on the game you create, so long as you create a text based adventure. Despite this, there are a few rules to follow:

  1. No Obscene Games -Required
  2. No Excessive Gore- Required (I would primarily consider excessive gore the overuse of visceral body fluids).

* It is not required but games would preferably have an end goal, one that is not too hard nor too easy.- Optional

*Games should not be overly long.- Optional

*Games should be free to play.- Optional

I own a blog where I frequently discuss indie games, failure to follow required rules may result in your game not being mentioned. The winner of this game jam will not only be mentioned in a post discussing all of the games submitted, but will also get a featured post on the front of the webpage discussing their game.


- You are open to creativity! Also, remember that no excessive gore does not mean no gore at all; The rule essentially is there to make sure that I have games that I can proudly put on my website. Ultimately, games will be  filtered by me in order to assure quality and to tell if they are  too inappropriate for my website.

You can take a peek at the site Here

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A educational text-based interactive fiction made with RPG Maker MV
Role Playing
Textbased adventure game
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Coexist with a furball.
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A Text-Based Game I Created for a GAME JAM. PG-13, Has many horror themes.
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The escapist is a text-based escape room game.
Go on an adventure with Ashland and his new mysterious friend!