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Hello everyone! Welcome to the very first installment of The Sweet to Sour Game Jam hosted by me, LunarMoon! But before we start with the game jam’s theme and the rules, I’d like to present a few questions for you….

Have you ever felt like the things in front of you are lies?

Or have you ever felt that there was something more sinister lying behind your colorful walls and cheery music?

Red eyes staring at you from under your small and comfortable bed. Bloody weapons found in your sweet and elderly neighbor’s trash bin. And your mother preparing a suspiciously delicious stew right after your father went missing

All these questions. Let’s just hope you live long enough to tell the answers


I want you to take a presumably innocent and wholesome premise for a game and then make it as dark, twisted or unexpected as you can

Examples of these types of games would be Doki Doki Literature Club and Bonnie’s Bakery. You start the game with cute anime girls, pleasant music and a wholesome story. But then you end the game with distorted evil AI, cannibalism and a whole bag of trust issues

***NOTE*** So like I forgot to indicate that you're only allowed to start your game development during the time that the game jam starts and finishes. But if you have already started then it isn't a problem either. We're pretty chill here


- You can use assets provided by other creators. Your game does not have to contain completely original assets. Just make sure to read the creator’s terms of service. Sorry this is a pretty obvious rule, but I just wanted to clarify for some people

- You can work alone or in teams

- No AI art or Chat Bots allowed 

- Games don’t have to be completed. So demos are fine

- If your game contains heavy subject matter or violence (etc.) please put a trigger or content warning both on the game’s page as well as at the beginning of the game

- Discrimination/offensive material about any race, culture, religion etc. is prohibited

- Constructive criticism is a good thing, but being mean is not. Please don’t go out of your way to mock other creators or the games. You can do something better with your time. Like touch grass

- The most important rule: Have fun!

This game jam is not meant to be competitive or to be ranked. Because let’s be honest, the only reward I could offer you is free coupons to KFC (I’m THAT broke. And also the KFC is mine) This is just a fun gathering where we can share our games that would make any player think we’re at least a little mentally disturbed…

Thank you for reading and I hope to see your entry soon!

~ LunarMoon

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