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Welcome to The Sunday Game Jam's first open jam! :)

The Sunday Game Jam is a weekly 24-hour game jam, starting on Saturday and ending on Sunday. 

The Jam has no particular theme, but each month I change the game engine I use, and this month is the month of LÖVE. 

This is not a requirement, though. It's an optional monthly challenge. You can submit games made in any way you want, but I invite you to make it in LÖVE for February. 

All games submitted for this Jam will be featured on my Youtube channel:

[Unless you don't want it, your choice]

I do not have a Mac, and I don't have an iPhone, so I won't be able to play any iOS games. If you really want to make a game for these platforms, and have it featured on the channel, you can send me gameplay footage of your game. Some audio explaining how it works helps me too! :)

The Sunday Game Jam is a show where I make a game every weekend, from saturday to sunday, in 24 hours. The first 8 editions did not have a Jam page here on, so this is the first open Sunday Game Jam (now open due to a friend's request). Future game jams will continue to be open for anyone who wants to take on the 24-hour challenge! :)

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A short 2d top-down "boss rush" game, inspired mainly by The Binding of Isaac.
Small game made for Sunday Game Jam 9