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What could it mean?
Here's where you get creative!

What is this jam?

This game jam is a little bit different from the others; instead of a word/phrase for a theme, we use a verse instead! Your game just have to fit in the given lore, and be creative with what information is given! If it isn't stated on the lore, then feel free to expand/add your own ideas.

This jam will have a ranking system for submitters and contributors, and everyone is free to chill and make a game they like - a polished long game, or a short prototype of a game engine you want to try out. Most importantly, enjoy yourself and have fun!

The prize? The next Story-Verse Game Jam will follow the lore of the of the winner's game!

What qualifications do I need?

Passion! That's all you need to make a game. If you have it, you'll make it! This can be your very first game jam - don't worry, come join us and learn during the process.

Is there a set platform I must use?

Nope, a playable game would suffice. It can be digital, tabletop, or even pen and paper dice games.

Can I solo/work in a team?

Yes you can.

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Jam-winning, atmospheric and story-heavy old school RPG. Feat. Original Soundtrack
Role Playing
Can you escape the plastic mines?