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Welcome to Wide Open Game's START jam! In honor of and alongside launching the first issue of our zine (appropriately titled The Start Issue you are invited, no, triple-dog dared to try and do something new for this jam! So what does that mean?

If you've always wanted to try your hand at creating a certain something, do it now.

If you recently bought an instrument and haven't tried it out yet, play a ditty on it and upload it here.

If you haven't ever bought an instrument, go borrow one from a friend, then record a ditty on it and upload it here.

If you've never made a game but want to do so, go for it! Maybe download the free version of GameMaker here ( and follow this tutorial ( Then upload your finished first tutorial game!

Just upload something!

Write a story about trying something new. Write a poem. Do a dance and record it. Take a photograph. Kick a basketball. Draw on a tablecloth.

Thank you in advance for whatever beautiful messed up imperfect glorious perfect thing you submit.

p.s. Remember, as Julia Cameron says, "Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift to God."

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Magicians in space! .. or astronauts using magic..
First person shooter game
leave the city far behind
Play in browser
A vocals-only cover of my favorite Joanna Newsom song