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What is this?

Well kind Sir/Madam this jam is specificly based around winters end or springs begining!


There are only a few rules for this! 1: It must be based around the theme. 2:Be creative i don't want to play a RpgMaker game you took 15 mins making. 3: Try to be original.. ("NO F**KING MINECRAFT COPYCAT GAMES lol")  4: The game must be made in between the time the jam starts and the end.

You don't have to complete the game to submit it. Incomplete works/demos are available to be released! Completing the work for the jam isn't a requirement just creating one is. 


If your game is NSFW then please include in tags!


Theme : Anything

The theme this time is anything... Anything you want to make a game around! Just make it from  winters end to springs begining.

Winning Category's

IM NOT CRYING THERE IS SADNESS IN MY EYE!!! / Most emotion filled story line
WOW ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! / Best Graphics ("Doesnt have to be realistic graphics to win this category"
GREAT STORY! / Best Story Line
WOW YOU PICKED THIS?!?!? / Top 3 Best user voted game   


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