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I'm feeling really low energy right now, and my recharge activities sometimes seem like they drain what little battery I have before I get any juice out of them.

This jam is about making time to take care of your self, even (especially) when you struggle with how much energy you can spend.

Make an analog game (RPG, Larp, card game, etc.) or Twine/Visual Novel about your preferred method of self care, please. Bonus points if the ritual of play *is* your method of self care. Some examples could be:

  • A game about a hungry mouse finding crumbs where the ritual of play is cleaning your kitchen
  • A game of imagined anthropology where the players sort and fold laundry, telling small stories about each outfit
  • Meal prep disguised as a cooking competition reality show larp

Games should make a point to focus on self care and not self indulgence, although there can be (and often is) an overlap between the two. 

The most important thing: you can only work on your game while your computer / phone / whatever is at 10% battery life or less.

This jam ends on the winter solstice, at 10:19pm CDT 12/21/2019. Brighter days lie ahead and with the tools we gather here we will start to recharge as the days grow longer.

Please note that while the game jam “officially” ends on 12/21, we will always take late submissions. Deadlines aren’t real, and life happens a lot so if you would like to add a game after 12/21 please tweet @LeviathanFiles.

We encourage you to charge for your game and would like to set a standard for $5 per game, but ultimately pricing decisions is up to the individual contributor. Please also include consideration for those in financial hardship by including a clause for free download keys for those in need, a plaintext version available for free, or other means of accessing your content.

This jam was organized by Taylor LaBresh who is on twitter @LeviathanFiles. The image used for the cover image on this jam was sourced from Flikr from user Takashi Hososhima under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) license.

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