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Do you remember playing tag or duck, duck, goose with your friends? Have you ever read a choose-your-own-adventure book or tried to find your way in a maze at the back of a cereal box? Do you know things like The Game (you just lost, by the way)?
Whether or not you answered yes at these questions doesn't really matter: if they intrigued you, you may be interested in the Pen & Paper game jam.


Let's make games without hi-technology. Turn off your programming software, grab your favourite pen, some sheets of paper and design something playful!
You can make anything playable, as long as you can explain people online how to recreate your game and experience it.


This is optional, it serves as a starting point for you to make something. If you can't find an idea that you like with it, or if you have something else in mind, don't hesitate and follow your heart.


The jam will run from June 26th to July 2nd. One week should leave you enough time to make something you can be proud of!


Here are some basic ideas to guide you if you are lost and don't know where to start:

  • A maze, a crossword puzzle, or anything that can be printed and played on a sheet of paper.
  • A boardgame with printable cards, tokens or board, complete with a rulebook.
  • A variation on something you know: a jigsaw puzzle where each piece is a comic panel; a reinterpretation of your favourite videogame with cards and cardboard coins; a modern, more complex take on a classic dice game...
  • A folk game: a game without much props needed, but players who want to have fun (think about duck duck goose, hide and seek...)
  • Or something entirely fresh, that you want to come up with.


You may use any tools you can think of, except those that would lead to the making of a videogame.

Aren't allowed:

  • Unity, Game Maker, Construct, Unreal Engine, Bitsy, Puzzlescript and your other favourite game-making softwares.
  • 3D printers, because many people won't have those at home to play your game.
  • VR or AR equipment.

Are allowed:

  • Pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, scissors, cutters, paper, cardboard, cloth, rocks... or anything really.
  • Cameras, phones, as long as they're used as part of the game (or as a way to document it).

Are allowed, but not advised:

  • Photoshop, Gimp, Krita or any other drawing software. If that's what you use to draw things then you may use them, but if you're comfortable with a pen and paper it's better.
  • The same goes for text editors: if you can write rules and stuff on a notebook and then take a picture to share with everybody, it's better, but don't put yourself in too much uncomfort if you're really used to digital solutions.


Have fun, and make something you'll enjoy working on and playing with!


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A fast and simple tabletop rpg using index cards and a d8.
A pen-pal role playing game for two players
A pair of shoes and the person who wore them
Dice game where dice fall (uses lot's of dice)
A Cryptic Crossword
A pen and paper storytelling game for one or more players.
Cooperate to deliver supplies to the coldest place on Earth!
A tabletop free-for-all about the future of energy
In this lost island, there is a war among the ancient tribes. Who will be the winner?
A roleplaying system for use outdoors
A Hiking Companion
A pen and paper farming game for a group of players
Beware of the Silly Bulls
Build channels to divert the heavy rains, trying to stay on land for as long as you can.
A card game for all ages!
Card Game
It's 1600s Netherlands and tulip mania is in full swing! Build your wealth but watch the weather!
A ttrpg where you play ghosts in a mech trying to get home
2-player RPG about scientists out of their depth
MeteoMals is a game designed for the Pen and Paper Jam that has two players battle these creatures against each other.
A Game of Weather and Luck