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*Austin Walker has not endorsed this jam, and is not affiliated with this jam.*

No GMs, No Settings, No Campaigns.

Also, feel free to use #NoNoNoJam to talk about the jam on Twitter thank ya!

We are interested in making games that have the following qualities:

  1. Games that have a tight structure for telling stories about a group of people linked by community or circumstance.
  2. Games that guarantee an inevitable end state for any narrative that is generated.
  3. Games that begin with worldbuilding and/or character building, but are not overly concerned with front-loading such world and character building.
  4. Games that rely heavily on player creativity to fill in the gaps where other, more setting-robust games provide assistance.
  5. Games that, in order to allow players to better rely on their own creativity in these moments, consists of prompts, questions and interaction between players on a meta level.
  6. Games that encourage or require incorporating and building off the contributions that others have made.
  7. Games that delineate who speaks, when, and about what. That adjudicate authorial authority and responsibility in very particular and clearly-defined ways.
  8. Games whose resolution systems resolve entire scenes, not individual tasks or stakes. That care about outcomes for the group, not the details of success/failure at individual action or schemes.

What we are attempting to do here is a bit more complex than some of the other jams I've seen, so here's an addendum if you can't write a complete game within the time frame (you likely won't).

  1. Submit one phase of the game, be it world building, character creation, a scene resolution system, or anything else.
  2. Submit a game with a setting, with a commitment to writing a system-agnostic SRD or such at a later date.
  3. Submit an experimental system that delineates how you would adjudicate authorial control in your game.
  4. Submit a game about speech, language, journeys, parenting, romance, or other evocative, yet setting-agnostic themes.
  5. Submit a system that allows people to build off of each other's characters within a scene in interesting ways.
  6. Submit a hack of any of the games that are listed above, or any other game you feel inspired by.

As you can see, there are many ways to participate in the jam. Whatever you do is fine. Let's build out this design space a bit more, and think through these concepts together. Also, feel free to submit something you’re submitting to another jam as well.

That's it. That's the jam. Be kind and respectful in your content, and in your responses to the other participants. Anything that promotes any unbecoming -isms, prisons, or policing will be disqualified.

<3 <3

*A clarification: this jam is for games that are designed for multiple players. Thank you.*

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A short Jewish revolutionary TTRPG
A collaborative worldbuilding game where players use templates to build on each other's ideas and create novel stories.
6e GMless
You don't need a Game Master
A Queer Cat and Mouse Romp for Two
A blackjack story game of doomed travellers
A game about finding out why you are fighting someone you know
A game of terrors and temptation for two or more players.
A two player game that requires nothing but complicity.
A one page GM-less roleplaying game of suspense for 1 or more players.
A gmless rpg for creating a polyamorous love story
a game of scavenging from the fallen
A simple creative group rpg about living in a rubik’s cube and trying to go to the shops.
a tabletop rpg about the mundane made monstrous
solo game where you meet a cast of people at just the right moments
Role Playing
A horror game for 3+ players and 1 deck of cards
The World has lost a Colossus, but we have lost more
A GMless roleplaying game for 3-5 players about competition and growth
Quarantine is a game of isolation for one or two people.
a game about exploring an other world
A story game of creating cultures
a game about climactic conflicts and the dialectic hiding behind them
a conversational game about the strong, the brave, and the lost
A fantasy game of trans people finding safety
a restrictively conversational game about the need to communicate
A short poetic GM-less rpg about lonelyness and the things we don't keep
Play fish in a pet-shop longing for life beyond the glass. A bubbly dramedy about our escapist fishbowl lives.
An RPG about killing your darling.
A game about mutual aid in a time of crisis
a game about asking questions
A tabletop RPG about the cyclical rise and fall of a dungeon complex.
TTRPG of an experienced team having difficulties with each other
GMless Setting Generator meant to emulate the feeling of walking through someplace new, especially when you're tired
Role Playing
dice-less gm-less keno hack for Trophy ttrpg
A game about trust and love
A gm less one shot game, where you craft a legend.
A game about clashing momentum, escalating consent and the excitement and tension of transforming each other