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Welcome to The Pippin Barr Game Idea Jam Part 2: The Museums (Aka #MuseumJam)

The Zium Society, Pippin Barr and invite you to take part in a game jam. A game jam to make a game (or non-game) that takes place inside or outside or tangentially around some kind of Museum. Your museum can be whatever you want it to be, abstract, surreal, metaphysical, or just a real straight up and down collection of geometric shapes. The choice is yours.

If you're looking for somewhere to start, please feel free to peruse
Pippin Barr's Collection of "The Museum of..." drawings. 
(collected on Pippin's instagram also)

Other pretty cool inspirations for museum games include:
Gigoia Studio's IMPRESSIONISTa
Panther Modern
and of course The Zium Museum (2017)

One entry of the #MuseumJam (as selected by a small committee of folks from The Zium, and Pippin Barr, Ph.D. Himself) will be offered a spot in The Zium in 2018, meaning that their game will be integrated whole-sale and in-tact into the gallery, as a nested Gallery inside The Zium Gallery itself! 

Depending on the width and breadth of entrants, we will also pick from a selection of the entries to be displayed either wholly or in part in the #MuseumJam Wing, which, again, based on the caliber of entrants, will be organised into the following award categories (subject to change);

- Best in Show Award (The Grand Prize - Complete Integration into the Zium Gallery)
- The "This Was Pippin's Favourite One" Award.

The Jam will run through the month of April.

For any questions or queries, contact: @thezium or


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meseum jam, non-game, experimental, audio visual
Generate your own Pippin Barr style museum
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A museum of tweet-sized code.
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Experience an art known to none but the others.
Walk through the process of making an artgame few have played.
For sale: looking not touching
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