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The year is ending. The world is ending. Let's make an RPG.

For many, this year has been a struggle. If you’re like me, it can be healthy to channel your frustrations into something creative.

The Last RPG Jam is designed to let you do just that. It’s a month-long, no-pressure, table-top role-playing jam where you can create whatever kind of RPG material you want.

- Guidelines -

Game: Tabletop RPG (no video game submissions).

Content: Can be a role-playing system, dungeon, adventure, map, monster guide, etc.

Size: At least one page long.

Format: PDF

Theme Choices (Optional): End of Year, End of World, Start of Year, Start of World


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​A fabulist journaling game about conjuring a new world into being by traveling through it.
A short Jewish revolutionary TTRPG
Exploring & salvaging in the far future
A worldbuilding game for 1-5 players
A rules-lite solo rpg/hexcrawl across a deadly desert
You and your magical friends are planning a surprise birthday party for someone special. Will there be a happy ending?
Generic Immediate System for Tabletop
A short GMless TTRPG about survival cannibalism at sea and getting closure.
Ravenous raccoons try to hit snack paydirt in this Honey Heist hack.
A solo journaling game about the glimpses of scenery from a train window.
A lightweight tabletop RPG similar to World Of Darkness games. A game of eco-terrorism and barotrauma.
Create your own card game rpg as a group and visit distant worlds
a mini hexcrawl pocketmod
A post-apocalyptic neo-noir vaporwave TTRPG
the end of a small, small world, told by those in it and the things they leave behind
A perfect recipe for chaotic, carb-filled frivolity
build your own indie comedy movie, one scene at a time
Descended from the Queen inspired by the music of Janelle Monáe
A setting-agnostic tabletop game for 1 player about being one step ahead.
An RPG set at the end, and edge of the world!
A retrospective rpg about the year lived. To play on New Year's Eve.
A tarot RPG for New Year's Eve
Can you and your alleyway friends stop your favorite restaurant from being shut down?
A simple creative group rpg about living in a rubik’s cube and trying to go to the shops.
NSFW. homicide, suicide
A short, rules light single page RPG based on Honey Heist.
The Blank Page RPG
a short guideline for a world-building-rpg-experience
Consider ants
Quarantine is a game of isolation for one or two people.
The most ambitious universal ultralight RPG system, possibly ever; extensible... and with a metanarrative twist
A rules-light RPG about playing super-agents in the mold of SHIELD
Post-apocalyptic survival RPG about geeks who need to survive with their gaming skills
This is a game about the end of the world and regret. You will need a tarot deck.
A simple, RPG-lite action game designed for 1 demi-god to destroy the world.
Reincarnate. Battle. Do it again in 300 years.
A collection of Gritty Boons, Items and Artefact homebrews for DND 5th Edition
Set out on your spaceship to track the last remains of a lost civilization
Interactive Fiction
Survivors forget ideologies post-apocalypse. 24XX-based.
A card-based table top RPG that explores how racism and classism affects relationships and peoples' lives.
An OSR-inspired tabletop RPG for people who are afraid of trees or would like to be.
Everyone eventually ends up a lich. If you're lucky, you still will be able to walk and talk ...
My first attempt at a TTRPG, even though I never played one before!
A Powered by the Apocalypse survival horror RPG
A game about making history.
A short poetic GM-less rpg about lonelyness and the things we don't keep
Enter the realm of unknown - reach the nine circle
A tabletop RPG
A collaborative Jane Austen style murder-mystery. In Space. And it's gay
Play fish in a pet-shop longing for life beyond the glass. A bubbly dramedy about our escapist fishbowl lives.
Complete your resolution before the year ends
It's a simple mission, go to the north pole, find any intel, and get out. Should be straight forward, right?
A really trash TTRPG
Decision Matrix Operations Manual
Improve your animal town with an annual adventure
A game about thieving owls.
A 1-Page RPG about thinking like a box, or a chair, or a table, or.....
Kick in the doors of the ultimate mansioncrawl
Judge your friends as you become super heroes for earth's last 72 hours!
A game of Apocalyptic Prophecies and Keeping Your Cool
A city building game using 1-yen coins and water's surface tension.
A post-apocalyptic TTRPG about the inevitability of death
A 2 page RPG of narrative chaos and fun--made to save a universe.
A game about vehicles, training and saving the human race
Tw Domestic violence
The world will end in a year. Become a God and decide what to save, while saving yourself.
a story telling game about robots meeting aliens
A devilish card game
a single-player dice game & a system-agnostic murder spa setting
A game about the cyclical struggle of epic forces and how their actions grow to shape the world