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Welcome to the first official Kinjam!

This jam is hosted by Kindred of the KindredDev Twitch channel. \

The theme is:

One at a time, hoarder and reanimate

Pick one or all of the themes and have fun!

Tune in hang out with Kindred while you jam!

This jam is unrated and unjudged. You can use any assets you like but MUST credit the source if an asset is not created by yourself. If you want your game played live on Kindred's stream to get feedback, exposure or just for fun just join a stream after the jam and use the command !submit.

For more questions, comments or gamedev help head over to the Kindred Games Community Discord

Good luck and have fun!

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Made for Kinjam
Help zombies back to their final resting place
Play as a garden gnome, protect your garden!
Made for the first Kindred gamejam