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I often hear people make the ridiculous claim that single player games are "puzzles". Let's prove them wrong by making a bunch of fun single player strategy games!


  • Make a single-player strategy game by April 1. Extended to April 8!
  • Should be possible (and preferably, easy) to play via print-and-play, so, stick mostly to cards, simple boards, dice and counters.
  • Upload it here, to the jam, and post about it on the Discord.
  • Bonus points: see if you can achieve PLAYFULNESS!


- How do I know it's a strategy game and not a puzzle or a contest or something else? Are there ambiguous decisions the player has to make? Is the objective to *solve* the game, or just win? When in doubt, shoot for a binary win condition. Read more about what makes something strategy-game-ish, here.

- Is cooperative allowed? Let's try to make 1 player games, but if your game is 1 player "by committee" that's okay too of course.


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