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Think of this game jam as a challenge! I have some ideas in my head of good investigative RPG games, but I want YOU to bring your ideas to life and create something amazing. This game jam is for my website, which if you want you can click this link to go to: Since the game jam is for my website, I have some guidelines on the content of the games.

 IF IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR AGES 13 AND UNDER IT IS NOT FOR THIS GAME JAM! This  is an extremely important rule because I am sure children go on my website. That means no excessive gore, no racism of any kind, no bigotry, homophobia, sexism, etc.  Gore is allowed to a modest extent, but nothing that would be terrifying to a 13 year old...or me.

I will be including all submissions on my website if they are deemed appropriate enough to do so.


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