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Hey there Gamers and Devs. We are Indie Games Lab. 

We are a two man team of game developers and we would love to see what the community can create. 

Feel free to ask any questions on our Discord (link below) if you get stuck or if you want to join a team check out team up section there!

All the games will be played on our Twitch, then uploaded to our Youtube, so look out for that when the jam ends! 



Winning games will receive:
  • A role on our Discord
  • Your game will be featured on our website


  • No NSFW
  • No hateful content
  • Make sure all work is your own, or credited otherwise
  • If you enter the jam, we would like you to rate other peoples games fairly and constructively
  • Have fun!


What engine can I use?

Any engine is valid, just make you game how you want to!

Where can I find any assets to use?

Look below for all the links we've gathered!

Useful tools:

Game Engines:


Unreal Engine:



Game Maker:

Game Art:


Open Game Art:


Game Audio:

Beep Box:

Our Socials:



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It was my first jam and didn't try hard but I am going to try harder nest time.