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Welcome to The Imperfect Jam by Wide Open Games. The Imperfect Jam is the community art project companion to Wide Open Games' Imperfection Issue - which is a celebration of a celebration of the cracks, blemishes, and faults within our games and within ourselves.

For this jam, you are uncordially and off-handedly invited to create and submit any piece of BROKEN ART! This can be a game that you haven't finished, a picture of a scarf you knitted that got ripped, or a recording of a song whose second verse you haven't quite nailed down yet and your voice cracked in the middle of the chorus.

Flaunt your flaws! There's neither judge nor jury here, just an open invitation to create and be creative with your fellow Wide Open Games players and readers. I'm so excited to see what beautiful broken messes y'all come up with.

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Control Cloudy, save the trees & avoid twisters.
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choose the real man, choose the high quality "Lung"
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A arcade shooter with a twist