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Deep in your computers file system there is a file. You don't remember making or downloading it but it's there anyway. It's creation date is the 31st of October 2018, a date that has not yet passed. Now that you know it's there, I must warn you not to open it. I know it seems harmless but to open that file right now would create a rip in time. The only thing you can do to prevent the universe pulling itself inside out is to create that file before it's creation date passes you by. Please I'm begging you, right this moment you have the power in your hands to keep this catastrophe from occurring. You must create a game before the 1st of November begins! So please hurry, don't worry about the graphics, make them low poly, low rez, gritty, put a pixelation filter on do all you must to make the game in time! Channel your terror now into the game you are creating It's easier that way!  If you are currently frantically wracking your brain for an idea of what to make, the dark figur... uh I mean... I have chosen a couple of phrases to inspire your work. The phrases are "Body Horror" and "Hometown", do with them what you will my friend, but please, please hurry!

The following is a list of important information you must know about the situation:

  • The game should be spooky.
  • The phrases are optional.
  • Your game should be low rez. Featuring low poly models, pixel art, and possibly a pixelation filter if it's 3D.
  • Use whatever you can to make the game.
  • If you have questions or want to join the conversation you can join our little community here.
  • Do not go looking for the file.
  • I see your mouse hovering over the file explorer icon and I can tell what you're thinking
  • just don't

Sweet nightmares friend



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When there's no more room in hell...
A survival horror game about being chased by the shadow you see out the corner of your eye.
Battle giant mutant slugs in this PS1-themed retro throwback of a 3D brawler.
everyone needs a vacation now and then
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Try to escape the grasp of this horribly paranoid family!
contemplation of the void
The window is clacking, are you sure it's the wind?
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play w/ bodies in a creepy museum
A space station that was once home.
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Retro Survival Horror
you are da sanic searcher go look for all 8 tables or saic will look 4 u