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Hey guys!

Are you a bored game maker and want to have some fun whilst do what you love to do most? Or are you just a newbie learning to do coding and make games? Well no matter what your experience is in the coding world, you can join our fun filled Jam (The Hatched Jam) and see if you can complete a game in one week.

You can work in a team or even solo, do what you want to but make sure not to cheat!


 You are not allowed to use any existing assets.  
 You are allowed to use any game engine or coding language to make your fun-filled game. 
 You are not allowed to remake any existing games.  


The Theme of this jam will be:


The reason for this theme is because it is our first time hosting this Jam and we want it to be related to the Title of the Jam (The Hatched Jam).

Please enjoy your Jam and have fun making and entering your game to us!

Best of luck to you all!

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