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Hey, hey, you, you!

Wanna make a MONSTER?

No way, no way

I know you got one burning

Hey, hey, you, you

Put it in the GUTS JAM!

What's your favorite monster? Isn't it a shame you can't hunt that monster with MONSTER GUTS? Well, it is now the time for you to fix that! Grab the MONSTER GUTS QS (or your own copy) and write a monster!

Don't wanna write a monster? Write something else inspired by your favorite monster-hunting games.

That not metal enough for you? Look up any of Kentaro Miura's artwork for Berserk and pull something from that!

This is the GUTS jam. For MONSTER GUTS, for Guts the traumatized badass, for any kind of guts you wanna see at your titterpig table.


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Have you ever wanted to beat the shit out of Dracula? Well now you can!
A collection of challenging monsters and a surprise new weapon for MONSTER GUTS!
A monster guts bestiary containing 3 monsters, 4 beasts and 1 icy environment.
A nightmarish monster (and 2 beasts) for Monster Guts.