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Airships and anarchists, eccentric scientists armed with walking stick guns, Fenian submersibles and self-ventilating top hats. And this isn't even fiction.

Using collections and experts from The National Archives in London we're working to build games set in or inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian periods. We've selected a range of contraptions and characters from the archives in order to inspire game creation. The mean streets of Victorian London or New York can be made a little safer by acquiring an anti-garrotting cravat. Or leave the city altogether and watch the Great Bicycle Dive from Hastings Pier.

Where are the assets?

We've digitised content across three themes: invention, spectacle and unrest.

Invention is live right now and features designs for Victorian products focused on fashion, personal safety and travel. Mind the alarm gun, it's loaded.

Unrest is now also live, taking in protests in Trafalgar Square, Votes for Women and the plight of the worker.

All the images for the theme of spectacle are now live. Admire the skill of sharpshooter Miss Nellie Jennings or the Earl's Court Great Wheel (the Victorians do like calling things great) and a collection of early flying machines.

Can I start making my game now?

Yes, absolutely.

What will the judges be looking for?

The judges are interested in seeing real engagement with the 19th century material, in qualty of ideas, design and gameplay.

We are also offering a prize for the most accessible game, kindly provided by Able Gamers.

How do I make a game accessible?

We recommend the practical advice at There are clear and straighforward steps you can take to make sure that you've made a game that anyone can play.

Can I work in a team?

Yes, you may.

Where can I find out more?

We have a site with details of our in-person jam at

What if I have a question that isn't answered there?

Get in touch on Twitter.


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Victorian period choose your own adventure game.
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A game of airships, adventure, and very steep learning curves. Another game jam entry.
Help Dr. Allophone recover his lost inventions in his word-powered flying machine!
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Captain John Franklin's Daughter tries to retrieve her stolen notebook.
A simple single-player steampunk beat-em-up.
Steampunk Mission
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