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Welcome to the jam held by the discord server of Devs of Personal Games, a community for game developers that work on games based on their life experiences!

This jam series is about abstract concepts related to emotions & feelings. Also, it’s going to be monthly and we’ll give two weeks for submitting the creations.


The theme for this jam is Homesickness. You can interpret it however you want but it’s important that the game still related to emotions & feelings for fitting the jam’s intentions.


You can use whichever tool you want. If you don’t know how to code, that’s totally fine! We suggest some of these engines:

If you want to join our amazing discord server, please write an email to Marina Díez telling us more about you, your work and why you want to join the crew. You can also send her a DM on Twitter.  


Have a look at the last #EmotionalJam editions if you want some inspiration for your games! 

* For joining the jam and contributing is not mandatory to be a member of the discord! 

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Mahoumu is about magical girls running towards home... will they reach it ?
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A Twine about shitty men and the damage that they can do.
Interactive Fiction