Submissions open from 2024-02-01 00:00:00 to 2024-04-10 07:00:00
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This is a Jam dedicated to zines made in the Electric Zine Maker !

 Originally created by AlienMelon/Nathalie Lawhead (Creator of Tetramageddon games and BlueSuburbia!)

What in tarnation a zine?!? 

If  You've been on the internet or in indie literature Circles enough you should probably already know the answer to this question, but for people who don't: A Zine is small, usually paper booklet containing 6 or more pages of small press artsy goodness, contained by a scrumptious cover each side! A zine can be anything! a 500 word gothic poem on the inevitability of entropy? Go for it! A short comic  on how dogs should have the rights to take seats in congress written entirely in lolcat? Hell yeah!

Zines go back all the way to the 1970s but have blown up lately to take back what was lost to the centralization of media and information created by social media!

Which brings us to our next question,

What's a Electronic Zine Doohickey!?!

The Electric Zine Maker  is a free tool to help any average Joe make a zine! Developed by Nathalie Lawhead (Or AlienMelon) in a funky faux-Y2K coat of paint!

Think of It like MS paint on steroids.

With EZM, you can export directly to a print ready PDF  when your ready!

But what about the Jam!!? 

This jam Is a place to share all your funky fresh ideas made with the funky fresh freeware!  The jam starts on February 1st and Ends on April 10th so let your ideas slow cook!

Zines can be of any length but must be submitted as a: 

PNG so physical copies can be printed, a PDF for digital readers, and optionally Jeremy Oduber's HTML template so PC users can read your Zine on your itch page

this is primarily an event for EZM but if you want to use a different tool or other tools to assist you that's chill, it's the art that matters, not the tools you use to make it.

Also don't forget!:

This years theme is

"The future of the past"