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Hey everyone I am the owner of BS Studios and guess what, Welcome to the first ever Dave Microwaves Games Game Jam! 

This is where my studio and of course Dave himself will get to see you, the community make your own games.  Then we will vote on them. 

Remember you only have a week to create your game and publish it to be voted on by the judges.

The winner gets a teaser of Dave's latest game and will become an early access tester to test Dave's games early. (You must be on Dave's Discord server) without the hassle of either being a $5 patron or winning the monthly raffle on his server.

Start developing the game as soon as the game jam starts, not one second before.

You must submit the game to the theme chosen. 

The theme of the GameJam: Egypt

Ready, Set, Develop 

Have fun guys!


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Horus has stolen the sun and you, Ra, must retrieve it.